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The Generator Pro Team is legally registered to provide Kohler range of generators for home and industrial use. We are licensed to distribute the kohler generators retail sellers at wholesale prices and also sell them directly to customers who come at our showroom or call us on888-500-1686.The Generator Pro Team offer genuine products into the market and always ensures all the port taxes are paid to the Tax Authorities.



The Generator Pro Team ensures we supply high standard and genuine generators our customers, this is possible because we always maintain vital relationship with kohler generators direct suppliers and so we get the generators directly from the factory without having to pass through other agents who may tamper with the features of the generators. We always ensure that our customers are dependable on us for timely supply, performance and better services. We also supply to our different branches in different locations and the bestselling branches are rewarded with loyalty and a valuable partnership deals with The Generator Pro Team.through this timely supply and connections and coordination with our local suppliers and retailers we are able to remain true to our clients. Our Kohler brand generators and our vision and goal of reaching more and more customers.


Products available

kohler generators can be permanently installed to avoid the need of power cords during disasters which lead to power failure such as storms.

Phone our customer support at 888-500-1686 for a free quote whenever you need best quality The Generator Pro Team service!

The Generator Pro Team offers many different types of kohler generators which include;

Kohler 20000 Watt Air cooled Standby Generator with an Automatic Transfer Switch and Load Shed Kit, which automatically starts when power is out, it mostly used in hospitals, airports and big business due to its ability to produce a lot of power.

Kohler 12000 Watt Air Cooled standby Generator with 100 Amp 12 Circuit Load Centre Automatic Transfer Switch at affordable prices.

Kohler 48000 Watt Liquid Cooled Standby Generator which is reliable and has a quiet operation with up to 5years warranty

kohler generators are on high demand lately due to their effectiveness and efficiency in power supply, they are also sold in different sizes which are appropriate for different homes and businesses according to the electrical appliances being used and the amount of powerrequired, the more the appliances the more powered the generator will be and vice versa

The Generator Pro Team invests in kohler generators due to their wide benefits and advantages to customers, this benefits include; their convenient and automation whenever there is power outage ensures all activities go on well even without electricity, kohler generators have self-diagnosis and display mechanical problems for repair, they use less fuel and thus deemed more economical and affordable for most customers, they are connected in such a way that they prevent electronic devices from violent power surges, spikes and brownouts,when power returns kohler generators do not transfer to the utility until the voltage has stabilized protecting the electronic appliances from dangerous voltage fluctuation when power is turned on, Kohler can be sized and connected in such a way that they turn on the entire building or just the critical place that is more important and finally kohler generators have a n advantage of operation during storms and manmade disasters

For information about The Generator Pro Team kohler generators call us on 888-500-1686 for inquiries,delivery,maintenance and general questions related to the generators and their performance.

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